System Design

With my extensive Linux background, I based the system on RedHat Linux 7.0 (Valhalla) this was not because it's a special version or that it's fantastically stable, just that it was the most up to date version at the time. If you are thinking of making a similar system, there are several keywords that I have italized, Google will be able to offer much background on them.

The system has two modes, player mode and maintenance mode they are exactly what they sound like. The main drive (/dev/hda) is partitioned into lots of slices, each has it's own purpose.

Partition Size Use
/dev/hda1 1Gb Root Filesystem
/dev/hda2 70Mb Swap Space
/dev/hda3 30Mb Logical Partition
/dev/hda4 10.5Gb Music Storage
/dev/hda5 10Mb Permanent Database (track lists etc)
/dev/hda6 10Mb Temporary Database (state)
/dev/hda7 10Mb Log partition
/dev/hdb1 12Gb Music Storage

Each partition is used and mounted in different ways depending on the mode the player is in at the time.