Computer Hardware

The computer I have used for this is a fairly standard PC compatible machine, the unusual thing is that it has a lot of drive space for it's vintage (although nothing spectacular for modern day capacities). There is really no fancy hardware in the box.

Item Version 1 spec. Version 2 spec.
Motherboard Intel AN-430TX Intel AN-430TX
Processor 233Mhz Intel pentium with MMX 233Mhz Intel pentium with MMX
Memory 32Mb PC66 32Mb PC66
Boot Drive 16Mb Flash IDE 12Gb Quantum Bigfoot
Data drives 5Gb SCSI IBM 10Gb on the boot drive, and another 12Gb Quantum

My initial concerns for overheating the CPU and drives have proven unfounded, the processor doesn't even have a fan on it, and only a tiny heatsink. My theory for this is that although the body work of the car gets hot, the heat is kept in a small layer against it, there is no radiant heat getting in the trunk as there are no windows. I haven't measured with a therm, but experience says it is not a problem.