The wait for parts is over!

The boards came in yesterday...

I put one together hooked it up and poked it a little, and it looked like it was in the static sense working. I programmed the uC with the same code as I had on the previous board, and after a short while, I got "the smell". So I flipped the power switch (the hand is never far from it during early development) and started to think about it...

On investigation of the code I think I might have done a 75kHz, 50% duty cycle dead short across the input power supply. Fortunately the FETs I chose are big enough to handle the 10A the power supply generates, and everything else didn't see the full power because of the switching. In fact the temperature sensor did not show the FETs being massively hot, so I am wondering where the smell came from.

While I didn't do a lot of in depth testing on the board, this did prove that the fets are switching which was an issue on the previous board.

This evening I will clear the code that makes this happen, and hope and pray that I can get the chip programmed before it actually does some real damage. I think the FETs are in the most danger, but I have some on the old board that I can sub in if they do stop working.

I am hoping for some good news and ultimately some progress this evening and weekend.