The next big target for update is the master bedroom: fan, bedside lights, sconce lights, closet light, remote controls and motion detection for the closet are all on the ticket.

There is an incremental update waiting to go through the house, I am updating my daughter's keypadlinc to a dimmer version from a relay. I have decided that I prefer dimmers when I am not using the local load as in that case you don't get the click of a relay.

With the ship date of my Raspberry Pi (details here) being brought in again, I have decided that the first raspi will be an Insteon "appliance". It will be a dedicated machine to run 'plcd' and be plugged into the PLM.

As it is dedicated to plcd, there is no possibility of it being restarted unexpectedly. Using the socket opened by NetworkThread, clients can be run on any machine, but more than likely as this is the appliance in charge of home automation, the appliance will run pretty much everything.

As bonus time approaches, I find myself getting back to the plcd software and how it can be used (along with a Pi) to make an automation appliance.

I am trying to determine what the ui needs to be able to surface, other than "turn device on/off/specific dim level" I have just realized that on and off are just special cases of dim level :)


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