New concept, new micro!

As mentioned in the previous update, I had been on holiday when the parts came in and on the day of my arrival I did not trust my state of exhaustion to build anything complex, so I decided that I needed to wait a day.

I figured out what the most minimum number of parts I needed to solder onto the board to get the controller to run. I soldered them to the board and programmed the controller with various test code. At first I wanted to confirm the uC was running at the rate I expected, and then I would look into the replacement solution for the now missing RTC module. This testing went completely as planned and my 100Hz tick measured fairly accurate, I struggled to measure the 10Hz and 1Hz ticks due to the refesh rate on my scope, but I will test them with my logic analyzer and confirm their rates.

I then moved onto the PWM, and discovered that it wasn't working, although in the simulator it did seem to work. I will have to work on that over the next few evenings, then I can add the rest of the components to the board and characterize the regulator section, as well as implementing the feedback for regulation and current limiting, both of these have hardware low pass filters on them to make them more manageable without needing massive buffers for the box filters.