Power output, what a difference the panel makes!

Back on November 6 I wrote that I was seeing 1.1A coming from the panel. This weekend I was out on the dock in the morning and I looked at the charge controller, the panel was at the time producing 4A!

This was not at peak production time so I think the peak is even higher, I may never know as I don't have the time to site and watch it. I think at some point hook I may up my serial DVM and record the output against time. I can use the panel fuse holder for this.

This means that while it's been cloudy for the last couple of days, the lights have been well behaved, with full run times. On Sunday the clouds lifted around noon, and the panel managed to get the battery onto float. Yesterday, the clouds didn't lift until about 1700, and the battery did not get filled up, however the panel did manage to produce enough power to satisfy the 100mA quiescent current for the dock, and get some charge into the battery (the battery line was inclined, just not very steeply). Today is bright and sunny and the line is climbing very quickly, and I anticipate the battery to be fully charged before lunch time.

This is more evidence that the power system has seen the worst of its troubles. When battery replacement time comes around, I am not going to fool around with it I will just get something in the 50 - 100Ah range and call it done.