More Charging Issues

So the battery is not getting charged during the day, again. As the battery is new, I decided that it must be either the charge controller, or the panel is at the wrong angle.

I went to Amazon and got a new charge controller, and decided that careful adjustment of the brackets will make the panel angle better. The attached picture was my first attempt, However, this doesn't seem to have hugely helped. Looking online, my angle is still completely wrong, and I will have to readjust the brackets to reduce the angle. I will at that time organize getting the panel facing south properly and see what happens.

I might also look into installing the new panel, if you remember this panel arrived shattered and has been repaired. Incidentally, the UV tolerant varnish really wasn't and at least on the surface it has flaked and peeled off. However the panel does seem to be generating some power so we will have to see.