Finally Fully Installed

Last weekend I took my weather station of the dock post and put it on the chimney on top of the house. This should give me significantly more accurate measurements especially when it comes to wind speed and direction.

Moving the weather station means that I can install the final postcap (post5) and the system will look complete. So for the last time, I got my drills and hammer out and did the now familiar steps of removing the pretty board, drilling from the top, drilling from the side and lining the holes up, routing the back of the pretty board and remounting it over the wire. I then installed the postcap and hooked up the wiring. I took the opportunity to remove the spare length of wire from under the dock as well as inspect for any issues. I saw no problems, however, there was green lake goo on the connectors indicating that the wave peaks reached the wiring during the hurricane.

Here is a picture of the fully installed postcaps, lit this evening.