Hurricanes and SolarDock's survival

So a week or so ago, someone invited Irma to Orlando. She huffed and puffed and did not manage to blow the house down, nor did she blow SolarDock into submission.

Essentially all that happened was the post caps came off the tops of the posts (they are not permanently attached yet). The power cables acted very effectively as tethers so they didn't go into the lake or otherwise get lost.

Of course without power in the house, I was unable to control the lights, but when the power came back they switched on and I could see what had happened to them. One cap lit properly, one lit with just blue, three didn't light at all. One of the three had a broken power cable, unrelated to the storm. So it appeared that I'd have some repair work to do at the weekend.

Well, before the weekend came, the three hurricane damaged caps lit properly and I was left with just the one with the broken cable to look at. I fixed that cable and they appeared to self test OK. I was out last night when they would have been on so I was unable to completely confirm everything working, but I will check tonight.