Wiring up the dock

I spent the day under the dock hooking up the permanent cabling for the various post caps, and finalizing what is there.

The lack of rain has led to the lake being significantly lower this year, so getting underneath is very easy. I have the main wire from where the charge controller will sit down the back side of the gazebo leg and underneath. It then goes to a point where the posts at the walkway split off, and continues to the middle rear post. where it splits again and one cable comes forward the the center post, and continues to the left rear where there is another connection for the front left and back left posts.

The connections are made by crimping rings onto the ends of the wire and then bolting them together. The crimps seem to be zinc plated, and the nuts and bolts are stainless steel to prevent everything from rusting up solid. I have used yellow ones for the heavier "trunk" wiring and blue ones for the individual controller wiring. Here is a picture of how the connectors look