Wifi for the dock

One of the problems I have been facing is the lacklustre wifi signal quality on the dock. Keeping in mind that 802.11 is the sole house to dock communication method it's fairly important that the main controller can get and maintain a good connection to the wifi.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I got a new-to-me router on freecycle to mess with and fortunately it has a non-integrated antenna. I also have this d-link antenna from a previous project.

I mounted the antenna on the outside of the house, and fed the wire around the outside box, through the hole behind it and into the closet inside. Inside is my comms/server closet, so there is power and connectivity to the rest of the network as well as a convenient shelf for the router.

Careful formation of a drip loop outside to keep any water out, and the router is protected from the elements, and ignoring the "WAN" port makes it act like a simple bridge. I configured the SSID to be different from my main network and gave it a different channel and password so it's very obvious which AP you are connected to.

The upshot is that instead of getting very little signal outside, I now have a strong signal with 36Mb/s bandwidth.