The start of the install

The gazebo is mounted (the led strips where still there from the rehearsal dinner years ago) but one of the strips had a failure about halfway down. Fortunately I had a replacement strip that I could mount. I also used the hot glue, and gooped them down into final position. Hot glue is a pretty good adhesive, as well as a waterproof potting like compound.

I have also installed 2 postcaps and wired them in (lots of pictures below), now I am fixing the WiFi out there to make it all controllable, I tried my luck on freecycle for a wireless router months ago and someone gave me their old one. Amazingly, it has an external antenna so I can unscrew the provided one and will screw in the D-Link one I have which is remote to the router (there is a wire). That way the router will be inside out of the weather, and the antenna will be mounted on the exterior wall. Wireless G on the dock with plenty of strength and no concerns about weather.

The main controller is still on the bench, and unfortunately can't reach the dock from there so there is no opportunity for testing it. I have a couple of other things to do to it, surrounding the controllers for checking panel and battery voltages.